Hey, I'm Fellows 👋

I've been investing, advising, and building crypto products over the last few years. For the last decade, I've been building software.Here's what I'm currently working on 👇

EarthFund - Founding Investor & CTO

EarthFund is building best-in-class DAO infrastructure and fundraising tools on the blockchain. The three pillars of product are:
1. No-code DAO setup.
2. KYC verification
3. Fundraising widget that allows you to donate and convert any ERC-20 token to USDT.
EarthFund launched on Kucoin in November 2021, and is backed by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

CryptoGuardian - Investor & Advisor

CryptoGuardian is smart contract security software that automatically audits source code and provides real-time vulnerability reporting for stakeholders.

Ecommerce Apparel Brand - Investor & Partner

Founding Investor and Partner of a direct to consumer apparel brand which has grown to a multi-million dollar operation in 18 months.


A programmer at heart, I've spent a TON of time the last few years architecting systems on the blockchain and managing teams of 10+ developers and designers.When I'm not drinking coffee ☕️ or wrangling teams 🤠, I'm usually trying to refine one of these skills:✅ Solidity
✅ Python
✅ TypeScript/JavaScript
✅ Bash Scripting
✅ AWS/Cloud Architecture

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